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by Between The Zones

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Bad 03:46
Badder 02:39
(This song is all about how I feel in this locked-down madness) Hey you, I didn't come to bash you, but I can't help freakin' out about you when all I want is silence. Each day I fall down on my knees. I hate this world. This is how I feel. (It's fleeting, but the problem is that it's chronic) Yeah, I push you away, angry, yet I can't help needing your acceptance and all I wish is some sleep. Each day I fall down on my knees and I hate you all. Yeah, this is how I feel. I don't know who you are I don't know where you're from I don't how you feel I don't really hate you but please stay away from me In this turmoil, I feel alive Some day, anyhow, I'll find relief I say I hate you, but it's a lie Again I'm lost, drifting inside
Julius 01:18
My brother was made last, and therefore received the poorest portion of Kain's gift. Although immortal, his soul could not sustain the flesh, which retained much of his previous human frailty. This weakness, it seemed, was passed on to his offspring. Their fragile skin barely contains the underlying decay. What has become of my clan? Show yourself, creature! The master's beyond your reach He makes himself known when he sees fit The master's beyond your reach He makes himself known when he sees, when he sees fit Do you not recognize me, brother? Am I so changed? Everyone is afraid, sibling. You awake to a world of fear. These times of change are so unsettling. You are the last to die The master's beyond your reach He makes himself known when he sees fit The master's beyond your reach He makes himself known when he sees fit, not when commanded Now I'm knocked to my knees... Am I reduced to this? I consume souls. Am I a ghoul? A fratricide? Am I a ghoul? It's fratricide, is it? Now I'm knocked to my knees Am I reduced to this? I consume souls Ne suis-je donc qu'un monstre? Un fratricide? The master's beyond your reach He makes himself known when he sees fit Not when commanded Not when commanded, no


Between The Zones is back with the release of the short and intense EP "Sediment". While a significant amount of elements from these five tracks was conceived at the same time than "Troubles", the second album from BTZ released in 2017, the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 and the two lockdown-periods that it caused in France allowed the finalization of the EP.

"Sediment" is a raw field trip which draws from the core elements of the BTZ sound to expand them into the future.


released January 10, 2021

Gom Pilote: all performance, songwriting, production, mastering & artwork.

Songs "Bad" and "The Quest for Melchiah" contain audio samples from the game "Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver" featuring the voice of the late Tony Jay. Most of the lyrical content of "The Quest for Melchiah" is a transcription of a portion of the script from the aforementioned game, written by Amy Hennig, Richard Lemarchand and Jim Curry.

"Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver" ©1999 Crystal Dynamics. No copyright infringement intended.




Délivrances Montpellier, France

Independent music collective & netlabel, founded in 2013 in Montpellier, France.

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